Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Review of Hop

here we are. It is Saturday night.  We took my son to see the movie Hop.  He is one year old and it was his first time going to a theater.  We went to the regal cinema on interstate parkway in Akron.  We arrived for the show early and got our tickets.  We had to wait sometime to finally be seated in the theater.  After a number of previews for a number of movies it finally started. The movie takes a little time to get moving with the plot.  The main guy, Fred O' Hare and Eb (the bunny) are struggling to come to terms with growing up and the added responsibility it brings.  Both characters are pushed by their families to make life choices they don't want in an intervention setting.  Eb decides to run away and the two get connected in Hollywood.  Eb is a troublesome bunny causing many problems for Fred O' Hare.  As Eb chases his dream of being a drummer he gets the chance to perform for the Hoff in Hoff knows talent.  He get a great opportunity to show his talents to the world with the Hoff.  Fred is kidnapped meanwhile as the chicks attempt to take over Easter island and rule Easter.  Carlos, the Easter bunny's right hand man is the lead villain who's plans are eventually foiled by Eb who returns to save the day. Coincidentally Eb is able to save the day using his drumming skills to exploit the chicks uncanny addiction to dancing.  In the end Eb and Fred are appointed co-Easter bunnies as Fred takes the role of only human to be the iconic figure.  Both families come to terms with the choices their children are making as the story ends with the heroes riding into the early morning in the Easter sleigh.

this movie was great.  Had humor for all ages and a great interaction between the animated characters and real people.  The plot addresses issues with coming to terms with responsibility and finding ones self.  The movie is rated PG but is much more PC than a number of movies with the same rate.  My one year old son enjoyed his first trip to the theater and Hop should stand to be very strong at the box office.

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