Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Come out in support! I have a surprise for you!

Happy Halloween!  Pro Bro Entertainment will be in the house at The Innfield on Barberton's Westside as Adament Productions, A Reall, and friends put on a concert.  This event stands to be a great time.  I am bringing some hot new songs and shutting the place down with a blackout surprise.  Come out and feel this!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New LIVE Mix. 30 Minutes #Trending

Hey Everyone!  I recorded a new LIVE mix.  Pro Bro Entertainment has been getting a lot of recognition lately and continues to provide a great party mix for all you entertainment needs.  Free Download of a hot 30 minutes of popular and uptempo music to fix your mood.  Head to http://hulkshare.com/dlhsmxouhpst/DJ Derrty (Pro Bro Entertainment) _Trending Mix Episode 1.mp3.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I just bet the Indians to beat the Yankees Tuesday's on FreeSportsBet.com.

I just bet the Indians to beat the Yankees Tuesday's on FreeSportsBet.com.: "I just bet the Indians to beat the Yankees Tuesday's on FreeSportsBet.com. Get $1.00 free to bet: http://www.freesportsbet.com/bet/9109408.html"

Tremendous, Mixxxbreed & Tony Sinister LIVE @ Pegasus Lounge July 22, 2011 7:00 PM

On July 22nd Kenmore, Ohio's own Pegasus Lounge will be taken over for a performance by top local talent.  Tremendous, Mixxxbreed, Tony Sinister, Adament Productions, Blocc Bullyz will all be performing.  Sound will be provided by Pro Bro Entertainment and the music will keep going till close thanks to DJ Derrty!  This event currently has 250 confirmed guests listed on The Facebook Event Posting.  Everyone in the city is excited about the success these upcoming artists are having.  Can get in for $10 at the door with drink specials and performances all night.  21+ to get in. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brighten up my day Project

Pro Bro Entertainment has taken on a new project.  In the Spring of 2011 local talent, Aaron Lafette released a new hit single called "Brighten Up My Day".  On June 10, 2011 a music video showcasing the amazing scene's and lifestyle of Cleveland, OH was released by the Aaron Lafette team.  Managed by a past co-worker and friend of mine, Alpesh Shah, Aaron Lafette looks to be stepping out into the forefront of Northeastern Ohio musicians.  Pro Bro is  starting to work on a club/ radio remix that will be played on the air on 96.5 Kiss FM and used by local DJ talent such as DJ E-V.  The Brighten Up My Day Project is one that Pro Bro CEO, Brandon Derr, has really taken a liking to.  "I really like the Brighten Up My Day Project.  The song and everyone involved in the project really did a great job of painting a positive image on the City of Cleveland that most times gets a bad rep." Brandon said.  Pro Bro Entertainment will be getting started on this project this week.  Check out the original song and music video at http://www.aaronlafette.com/.  Support local talent.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pro Bro Clothing

I am excited to announce the availability of Pro Bro Clothing.  Some designs have recently been posted and are currently available by contacting me at DerrBM@Gmail.com.  The website is currently being designed for online sales but you don't have to wait to order a shirt today.  Pro Bro Clothing is designed with a style and swagger for the fashion forward individual who likes the style and concept of art and media based designs.  As brand recognition grows, Pro Bro is stepping out not just as as a popular new brand, but as a brand fit for the lifestyle you live.  Please make comments and share Pro Bro Clothing with everyone you know!  Thanks.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Review of Hop

here we are. It is Saturday night.  We took my son to see the movie Hop.  He is one year old and it was his first time going to a theater.  We went to the regal cinema on interstate parkway in Akron.  We arrived for the show early and got our tickets.  We had to wait sometime to finally be seated in the theater.  After a number of previews for a number of movies it finally started. The movie takes a little time to get moving with the plot.  The main guy, Fred O' Hare and Eb (the bunny) are struggling to come to terms with growing up and the added responsibility it brings.  Both characters are pushed by their families to make life choices they don't want in an intervention setting.  Eb decides to run away and the two get connected in Hollywood.  Eb is a troublesome bunny causing many problems for Fred O' Hare.  As Eb chases his dream of being a drummer he gets the chance to perform for the Hoff in Hoff knows talent.  He get a great opportunity to show his talents to the world with the Hoff.  Fred is kidnapped meanwhile as the chicks attempt to take over Easter island and rule Easter.  Carlos, the Easter bunny's right hand man is the lead villain who's plans are eventually foiled by Eb who returns to save the day. Coincidentally Eb is able to save the day using his drumming skills to exploit the chicks uncanny addiction to dancing.  In the end Eb and Fred are appointed co-Easter bunnies as Fred takes the role of only human to be the iconic figure.  Both families come to terms with the choices their children are making as the story ends with the heroes riding into the early morning in the Easter sleigh.

this movie was great.  Had humor for all ages and a great interaction between the animated characters and real people.  The plot addresses issues with coming to terms with responsibility and finding ones self.  The movie is rated PG but is much more PC than a number of movies with the same rate.  My one year old son enjoyed his first trip to the theater and Hop should stand to be very strong at the box office.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I just bet the Suns to beat the Thunder Wednesday on FreeSportsBet.com.

I just bet the Suns to beat the Thunder Wednesday on FreeSportsBet.com.: "I just bet the Suns to beat the Thunder Wednesday on FreeSportsBet.com. Get $1.00 free to bet: http://www.freesportsbet.com/bet/7408761.html"

Welcome to the Thunderdome B****!

I have all the wisdom in the world.  Others like me and myself are part of a select group.  Things come easy, we work smart not hard.  I created this blog to log my thoughts and ideas as I move through this world.  It allows my readers to keep up on my social media and my business.  I will post show dates and events worth attending.  Comment on things that interest me.  And provide advice when it comes to difficult situations.  I can do whatever I want with this blog.  It is mine and I plan on keeping things interesting.  Catch you all later.